Andrina Niederberger is winner of the Best Master Thesis Award 2016/17 of the Economics Department of the University St. Gallen. I congratulate my former student. The title of her thesis is "A Machine Learning Approach to Reveal Heterogeneity on the Labor Market".

University of St. Gallen:

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        "Tony Strittmatter"

Causal Inference (10/2018), Econometrics literature seminar (02/2015-12/2015, 02/2018-12/2018).

Data Analytics I (predictive empirical methods, 10/2019-12/2019), Advance Empirical Methods (02/2015-04/2019, R-tutorials), Statistical Programming (since 09/2015-12/2018),  Applied Empirical Methods (10/2018-12/2018).

Empirical Research Methods (in German, 02/2015-05/2019).